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 Flint Hills Community Church!  
We are a church that offers you strength for today and hope for tomorrow through Jesus the King.  It is our desire to show you how you can step into a right relationship with God!  We hope you visit us in person this Sunday!

Morning Worship
October 2014

by William Damberg
Bible Reference Ephesians

Beautiful Picture of the Flint Hills
Facing southeastward from the top of the hill just west of Chase County Lake, just before you descend westward into the Cottonwood River Valley.

Picture taken by Pastor Jim Bartsch

Please send Pictures of the Beautiful Flint Hills to fhcchurch@yahoo.com

The Pictures will be rotated on the Church Website. 
Check back weekly to see if your picture is online,
or enjoy the God given talent of other photographers.

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Recent Sermons:

Alan Giger - Prayer
William Damberg - What's the Next Pastor Going to be Like? Part 2
William Damberg - What's the Next Pastor Going to be Like? Part 1
William Damberg Grace Part 3 - Gifted Romans 12
William Damberg Grace Part 2 - Gracious Luke 7
William Damberg Grace Part 1 - Grace Ephesians 2
William Damberg Gratitude

Upcoming Calendar Events

Tuesday Ladies Bible Study  Tues 9:30 am - 11:00am 
7pm Betts Bible Study at the Church Starting in Oct

Wednesday Youth Group 6:30pm - 8:30pm
(1st Wed of everymonth Youth Group starts at 6pm, Every other week Youth Group starts at 6:30pm)

Operation Christmas Child

Families who Dedicated their Children to the Lord
on  December 8, 2013

Wholesome Entertainment ...
    • Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Now on DVD. Rated PG. Parental Guidance suggested because of story-line violence possibly affecting small children. No profanity; no sexual innuendo. A movie based on the Chronicles of Narnia by the late great Christian writer, C. S. Lewis. Messages from the movie include the following:
      • Do not be overcome by temptation.
      • Be the person God has made you to be.
      • Accept the position in life and responsibility God has given you.
      • Face adversity and challenges in life head on. Do not run away from them.
      • In our world, we must come to know Aslan by a different name.
    • The Nativity Story from New Line Cinema. This DVD is a great rendition of the birth of our Savior. A few historical liberties, but done in good taste. A great DVD to view at Christmastime! See a review.
    • AFA now offers a Movie of the Month service with both video and text reviews.  See it now at http://www.afa.net/motm/index.html
    • The Ten Commandments, Animated Feature by Promenade Pictures  View Trailer. Available on DVD.
    • Amazing Grace Available on DVD.
    • Everyone's Hero Available on DVD.
    • Facing the Giants Available on DVD.
    • Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution, volumes 1, 2, and 3 available on DVD at Wal-Mart in Emporia for $10 a piece.
    • March of the Penguins.  Available on DVD.  A wholesome National Geographic Documentary to watch if you view it from a Christian frame of reference.  Substitute "What a marvelous Creator we have" for the obligatory reference to evolution.  Here is a good review from Focus on the Family.
    • The Ultimate Gift Available on DVD. A self-centered, egotistical, and rebellious rich kid is due to receive an inheritance from a grandfather he despises. But to do so, he must jump through several hoops. In the process he discovers who he really is and what it costs to live for someone other than oneself.

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View obituaries of loved ones.

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  Sunday Services
9:30 Prayer and Share
10:00 Sunday School
10:45 Morning Worship
*12:00 Potluck Lunch
*(Second Sunday of each month only)

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